How to Clean Area Rugs

First post in a while, and it’s long overdue for both the post and the cleaning of our area rugs. We have a few area rugs around the house because we have tile and laminate flooring and a 10 year old dog who refuses to walk on the floors. I just want to preface the picture by saying…. I DO CLEAN MY FLOORS, and I have cleaned my rugs multiple times over the past year. My dogs just track in so much dirt as do I’m sure my husband and I do. Also, what the hell was I thinking buying a white rug? Anyways, heres what I did step by step (ooooo baby) to get these cleaned.

IMG_3128  IMG_5412








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Sweet Succulents

My Indoor Succulent Garden

Tips & Tricks to planting and keeping them alive.


Indoor Succulent Garden- Reclaimed Barn Wood

I love having plants in the house, but we travel a lot and I hate asking people to water plants, ergo Continue reading

Organizing Important Documents

Welcome to the first day that actually feels like summer vacation. How do I start it? I have decided to tackle some of my “Summer Projects 2015” list from pinterest, since its June 1, 2016. (Head Slap) One of the things that I’ve had pinned for some time is a file box with all the important files in it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.49.54 AM

Except heres the problem with this post…. it’s a dead link. Everyone I’ve found is gone so I’ve decided to make my own!

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